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Recruit School Experience

The recruit school environment and curriculum will provide recruits with more autonomy and decision-making authority to encourage important skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. During the last few weeks of recruit school recruits will be allowed to leave the Training Academy and will not be required to stay overnight.

Phase One

  • Approximate length: 3 weeks
  • Recruits live on campus at the Training Academy
  • Staff-directed training
  • Traditional instructor-led PT to establish base level of fitness

Phase Two

  • Approximate length: 3 weeks
  • Open campus, recruits live at the Academy
  • Staff-guided training
  • Recruits will be provided work/assignments to complete on their own in the evenings
  • Focus on recruits decision making and self-suffiency
  • Individual fitness plan development

Phase Three

  • Approximate length: 4 weeks
  • Open-campus, recruits can choose to reside at the Academy or at home
  • In-Service type atmosphere
  • Staff-monitored training
  • Focus on recruits decision making and self-driven leadership
  • Utilize developed personal fitness plans
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